AVRA Natasha  - Greece
dancer, choreographer

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Natasha AVRA was born in 1964 in Athens. She graduated from the Greek State School of Dance in 1986.

She has danced with various dance companies: Schedia (Anastasia Lyra, in London, Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Cuba), Chorika (Zouzou Nikoloudi), Analya (Mary Tsouti), Nafsika Dance Theatre (Sofia Smaelou), Proskeri Synthesis (Dorina Kalethrianou), Okeroe (Vasso Barbousi), Aeikinitron (Nina Alkalae), Salta Futuro (Tatiana Loverdou), and others.

Among others she taught Contemporary Dance –Limon based Technique- (2005-2010) at the Professional Dance School of Sofie Katsouli, in Athens. Eurythmics at the Greek State School of Dance (1997-2000),Improvisation workshops at ‘en Kinissi’ Dance School (2006,2007) and Basic Elements of Choreography at the EU workshops for young dancers (1993).

As an independent choreographer, she has participated in the Athenian Dance Theatre tours in Greece with three choreographies (1993,1994), was rewarded for her solo ‘Small Proportions’ at the contest of young choreographers ‘Rallou Manou’ (1996) and produced two choreographies for the Third and Forth Festival of the Association of Greek Choreographers (2003,2004).

From 2004 untill 2010 she co-run, with Elina Papadopoulou, “Kei Fyssa” Dance Company. She danced and choreographed  annually at the Festival of Dance of the Association of Greek Choreographers and other events.In 2008 her choreography ‘Tangled in the winds’ was performed at Ahens Music Hall-part of the platform of Contemporary dance.

In 2011 she founded ‘Natasha Avra dance company’ and has choreographed and performed two long soli.

From 2007 since 2011 she lived in London, where she attended open classes of contemprary dance, improvisation and choreography workshops, taught privately contemporary and creative dance. She also choreographed the chorus in Lysistrata, at King’s College of London, (Department of Classics).

She lives and works in Athens since August 2011, teaches ‘Moovement Techniqhe’ (Music-Moovement Education of Karl Orff) at Moraitis School, contemporary dance at Maya’s Sofou dance school and Seli Kanou-Anna’s Karamitsou danc. sch., private classes of dance and movement.She choreographs for ‘Natasha’s Avra dance company’ -a new production.

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