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Erato HADJISAVVA was norn in Nicosia in 1966. Lives and works in Athens.


Attended the Athens School of Fine Arts where she studied Fine Art on a scholarship (1985-1990) followed by postgraduate studies (MA) in Digital Art (2000-2004).

Since 2010 has been studying for a PhD at the University of Cyprus.


Between 2000 and 2010 has been a partner at the 6th School of Fine Arts of the Athens School of Fine Arts, headed by Professor Yiannis Psychopedis.


Held many exhibitions from 1991 to this day both in Cyprus, Greece and elsewhere. Had solo exhibitions at the Maria Papadopoulos gallery (Athens 1991), Gloria gallery (Nicosia 1992, 2002, 2010), Yiayianos (Athens 2003), the House of Cyprus in Athens (2009), the Museum of Contemporary Art of Crete (2009), Apocalypse (Nicosia 2012). Also took part in numerous group exhibitions.


Participated in the Florence Biennale in 2001. Represented Cyprus at the Biennale of Alexandria in 2005 winning first prize (Gold Faro).


Her works can be found in the Dakis Ioannou Collection, the Cyprus Art Gallery, the Gallery of the Archbishopric of Cyprus, the Cacoyannis Foundation gallery and other public and private collections.


Elected assistant professor at the Athens School of Fine Arts in December 2012. 




With reference to Botticelli

The birth of Venus is one of the best works of Florentine artist Sandro Botticelli (1444 -1510). Well known Greek journalist I.M. Panayiotopoulos writes that the painting «shows in a way that leaves no room for words, to what extent classical antiquity may influence a very talented artist, excluding all flatness and compromise... the grace of its composition is so bountiful, its expression of female beauty so exquisite, it’s as if it is floating on the breezes of Zephyrus, the whole representation is so perfect with every detail so carefully worked out, that no interpretation can quite capture the noble and delicate charm of this purely Botticellian masterpiece».

Five centuries have elapsed since it was created. The Renaissance aesthetics, artistic and moral ideals have become outdated despite their timelessness. Venus’ birthplace, in violation of all notions of morality and justice, remains a victim of a violent military invasion. New trends and new ideas prevail in art. Botticelli’s Venus has ceased to be the aesthetic standard for beauty. She closes her eyes or has her eyes closed to the modern-day events of an incompatible world.

The breezes of Zephyrus have turned into hurricanes and threats. Flocks of birds approach like omens of forthcoming disasters, trees converge and threaten, while in the place of the pavilion, fires devour the planet and the columns lean towards a blazing gate leading to the emergence of a new order.

The project is a multimedia mural. Through multiple Plexiglass surfaces and successive stratifications a multi-level three-dimensional modern recasting of the Renaissance masterpiece is attempted.

Erato Hadjisavva

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