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Yorgos CHRONAS was born in Piraeus in 1948 of parents hailing from Arcadia.

He is the author of the following publications:

Book 1 (1973),

The Lamps (1974),

The Black Heels (1979),

Ancient Infants (a volume of the three previous collections in their definitive versions together with Common Life reissued in 1980),

Graeco-Roman Wrestling (1981)

Motorcycle Rituals (1981)

Ketty Grey: This Is My Life (1983)

Impudent Triumph (1984)

My Name Is James Dean (1987)

False Eyelashes (1987)

Woman of Patras (1989)

Porcelain Photographs (1992)

Yellow Shore I (1993), and Fancy Goods Shop (1997)

Paper pulpit (2001)

Yorgos Chronas with Dinos Christianopoulos (2003)

One moment Pier Paolo Pasolini (2005)

Cocks and hens of Aeschylus Street (2005)

The one-act play Sevas Hanoum (2007)

Collected Poems 1973-2008 (2008)

Saturday (2011)

Since March of 2009 he is the editor-in-chief of the weekly book sector of newspaper Elefthrotypia Vivliothiki-Katafygio Thiramaton.

He collaborated for several years with Greek Radio as broadcaster and producer.

His poems have been set to music by leading Greek composers and translated into many European languages.

He is the owner of the publishing house Odos Panos, a bookshop in Athens, and the literary review of the same name.

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