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MaRIK is a painter, sculptor, animator.
She illustrates original concepts, directs short animated films, paint and sculpts, mixes new media technologies with traditional art media and experiment new ways of art expression. Her collaborations include work and exhibitions with the Royal Academy of Music in London, Athens Concert Hall, Expo2005 Japan, BBC, Athens Olympic Games 2004, Arbet Luxembourg, among others.
In parallel with her studio work she is a visiting lecturer in animation, Digital Drawing and experimental conceptual studio art with emphasis in New Media Technologies at the University of Art and New Technologies in Rome, European Animation Centre in Athens, School of Fine Arts of Athens, University of Aegean, University of Athens, Caid centre and various animation festivals.
MaRik holds a Master of Arts in Animation from the Bristol School of Animation at the  University of West of England, a European Master in Arts and New Media Technologies from the Haute Ecole Saint Louis in Brussels and a University Degree in Communication Arts from the University of Nancy 2 in France.
Her work has been exhibited in London, Bristol, Paris, Istanbul, Budapest, Athens, among others. She lives and works in London and Athens.
She participates at the exhibition APHRODITE 2012, with a mix media sculpture, entitled "Heartbite". This artwork is an extract from the exhibition "My soul is not to devour" which is still in progress.

Quite or almost. 

I am afraid, I am hurt, I am trembling, my souls is evaporated at the defaults of true love.

Everything is pain spread sometimes with rage.

Now you can eavesdrop null.

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