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Aphrodite LITTI, a sculptor, was born in Athens.

She studied sculpture and mosaic in the Athens School of Fine Arts (1972-1978), under G. Pappas and G. Kolefas, and fresco under K. Xinopoulos.

She attended Universiti degli Studi of Milan in 1978 and then recieved a postgraduate degree in the London University (1983-1986) with a Greek State Scholarship.

She was awarded sculpture prizes by the Greek Chamber of Visual Arts in 1985 and in 2001 by the Cultural Center of Glyfada.

Between 1979 and 2000 she worked as appointed museum sculptor at the National Archaeological Museum of Athens.

Since 2000 she teaches at the Department of Sculpture of the Athens School of Fine Arts.



2001 Awarded Honorary Distinction in Sculpture by Glyfada Cultural Center.
2010 Awarded Honorary Distinction for participation in the “The Precious of the Tradition” exhibition at the Museum of Byzantine Culture, organized by the Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki.



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A Stroll through the Theater of Nature.
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Curator, Irini Orati

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Catalogue edited by Nora Skouteri, Curators: Efthimia Koundoura
and Nora Skouteri.

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Curator and catalogue editor: Ioanna Lalaouni.

Νumismatic Museum, ILIOU MELATHRON Αthens: Aphrodite Liti at the Numismatic Museum; a Fruitful Encounter. Monograph, literature by Aphrodite Kouria and Despina Eugenidou.

2007-2008 Potnia Thyron Gallery, Athens: A. Liti in Wonderland.

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Curator and catalogue editor: Elisavet Lyra.

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2012. Gallery Citronne, Poros, "Inner Paradise"

Curator: Tatiana Spinari - Pollali.





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- Community of Thassos "Leaf" - Marble.

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- Athens Intercontinental: "4 Rings" - Metal.

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- Amalia Hotel, Athens: "Leaf and butterflies" - Metal and units.

- National Gallery, Athens: "Feather with birds" - Metal.

- Biomedical Psychiko "Tree" - Metal.

- American Farm School of Thessaloniki "Bough with birds" - Metal.

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- Museum of Aristotle University, Department of Philosophy, Thessaloniki: "Ring" - Copper and Amethyst.

- Lindos, Rhodes "2 Trees with Birds" - Stainless Steel and Aluminium.

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